We had the pleasure of going to the Salagou lake, in the south of France in spring while filming a video serie for Haibike. A place that I am lucky to be familiar with, as some of my familly lives in the area.

This time was way different to all my childhood visits, as I happily traded the swimming, for hiking dusty red ridges, looking for a line that would go for more than a hundred meters. Not an easy task, as these landscapes where not made for hikers, and definetly not for two wheeled machines skiding down them.

We found some nice zones on the West side of the lake, and went for an exploration lap with our ebikes.

I was happy to finally get a mountainbike in this place, after dreaming about it for years. I was also very happy to share this place with Helene and our dog, Merlin. Camping on the edge of the water, he had the time of his life (Yes, he loves water).

The next day, while filming for Haibike, we found this big area with the longest, most fun looking ridges we had seen until then. Once the filmimg done, we rushed to the van to drop our things off and raced back to the area to get a few laps in before dark. We had an amazing sunset session, riding the ridges, steep lines, natural jumps, turns. I managed to catch this photo of Helene and Merlin, leaving a trail of dust behind them, just before the light disappeared.

After an amazing few days, it was time to move on to our next spot!

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